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EnviroBore Directional Drilling is an industry leader in HDD solutions and extremely proud of our stance on minimal environmental impact. We continue to use our knowledge and experience in the field and at a management level to enhance our services, train our employees and bring quality service to our customers. EnviroBore Directional Drilling continuously requires its employees to improve and grow in their skills – through training, courses and hands on experience.

Horizontal Directional Drilling significantly lowers the impact on the environment compared to traditional open cutting, making it a perfect solution for highly sensitive ecological areas. Since 2010 EnviroBore Directional Drilling has continued to grow and offer more services, including pipe ramming, pipe bursting, solidification and utility services. We offer a larger fleet and a more comprehensive list of services, but same quality of service.

EnviroBore Directional Drilling is the passionately driven by the following core values:


EnviroBore is committed to being a leader in environmental excellence. We embrace our role as a steward of sustainable environment. We recognize that our actions of today effect the quality of tomorrow.

Customer’s Success

EnviroBore is a service-based company. Our customer’s success is our success.


Planting seeds of growth, passionately teaching others and inspire them to become better.


At EnviroBore quality is everyone’s responsibility. We continuously seek to improve the quality of our workmanship and relationships with our customers.


EnviroBore’s focus on overall success of the entire team. We foster an environment of continuous learning and collaboration. Together we enjoy our successes and persevere through the obstacles.


A safety culture is encapsulated by the mind-sets, attitudes and behaviors of workers, supervisors, managers and owners. A positive safety culture in the workplace is absolutely vital to a successful and effective health and safety program.


Timely and safe completion on all projects.



CFO – Director


Doug has a long history of Operations, Superintendent and Management experience, as well as wealth of Oil & Gas and drilling knowledge.


Senior Vice President, Projects
Rob is a key component to the EnviroBore Team with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in Pipeline Construction and Management.


Indigenous Relations

Zach Bauman

Operations Coordinator

Connie Littleton

HSE Manager


Office Manager

Mailing Address
Box 3008 Clairmont, AB T8X 0T8

60073 TWP RD 730 County of Grande Prairie No 1, AB T0H 0W3

Fort St. John Office
11266 Enterprise Way
Fort St. John, BC V1J 0K9

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EnviroBore Directional Drilling is is excited to announce the addition of an American 440 D to our Fleet