Environmental Stewardship

EnviroBore is committed to being a leader in environmental excellence. We embrace our role as a steward of sustainable environment. We recognize that our actions of today effect the quality of tomorrow.

Our commitment to protecting the environment is an integral part of our operations. HDD significantly reduces the footprint of pipeline and utility installation compared to traditional, open trenching.

By method of Horizontal Directional Drilling grades, sediments, waterways, roadways, farmland, and ecologically sensitive remain virtually undistributed.

With Horizontal Directional Drilling, there is a single entry and exit point for pipe installation with minimal ground disturbance. This method results in a low impact pipe installation, reducing the footprint on surrounding scenery, ground or disturbances to traffic and roadways, as well as reducing restoration costs.

EnviroBore is taking our Environmental Policy one step further with a commitment to that we are implementing ENVIRON MV Hydraulic Fluids for all our hydraulic driven equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce occurrence of waste water contamination by metals
  • Non-Toxic and very low order Recyclable
  • Inherently biodegradable *50% biodegradable within 28-day period
  • Excellent anti-wear, rust and corrosion

EnviroBore’s solidification system, MetaFLO, further reduces environmental impact by offering technology to turn liquid waste into a manageable solid.

MetaFLO Technologies is the leading environmentally friendly liquid waste disposal technology.

Lower Cost

Less Waste

Less Risk

Meets Regulatory Requirements

Less Transportation

Reduce risk and liability, improve safety on site.

Reduce your current cost of managing liquid waste.

Reduce risk and liability, improve safety on site.

Conventional liquid waste disposal techniques add amendments like sawdust to meet solids criteria for transportation to landfill – expanding volume by 200%. MetaFLO’s reagent, combined with our high shear mixing technology adds only 1 – 3 % dosage – saving you time and money through reducing transportation and landfill tipping fees. In many cases solidified waste can even remain on the site.


Site Preparation
Mud Collection


Fluid pumped through the PDM 300
The solidification reagent is added


Liquid sets up as a solid in minutes
Ready for disposal


EnviroBore offers a cost effective and efficient way to solve contaminated soil problems. When horizontal directional drilling is used to clean up underground contaminants, the impact has minimal disturbance to the environment and surrounding area.

There are some significant advantages to using horizontally installed wells and monitoring equipment:

  • Significant increase in linear footage of screen and area affected by the well
  •  The number of horizontal wells installed will be significantly less than vertical methods due to the fact that a much greater area can be accessed from with a single horizontal well than a vertical well
  • The ability to enter areas under buildings and other infrastructure and environmentally sensitive areas where these processes were difficult in the past
  • Performing drilling and installation without interrupting the day to day processes of the client

Environmental Policy

EnviroBore Ltd. is committed to identify, assess and reduce through effective management, any  negative impact to the environment associated with our business.



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